• Cash Poker Game at Rendezvous Brighton


Cash games available on request

No Limit Texas Hold’em

£40 min £400 max

£1 - £2 blinds

5% rake capped at £6

Pot Limit Omaha

5% rake capped at £4

£1 of each qualify pot will contribute towards the Cash Race

  • £1 will be collected from each eligible pot and will contribute towards the Cash Race.
  • An eligible pot is defined as:
    • £1 of every pot over £25 on a £1 / £2 Texas Hold'em cash game and £1 of every pot over £50 on the Pot Limit Omaha cash game.
    • Hand must be dealt by house dealer.
    • Hand must see a flop.
    • Only Total Rewards members will be eligible.
  • The cash race will run from the times advertised.
  • The 36 most loyal Total Rewards members will be invited to play in the cash race tournament.
  • In the event of a tie all Poker Rewards members tied for 36th position will be invited to play in the cash race tournament.
  • Total Rewards members will be awarded points each day they make a playing visit.
  • A playing visit is defined as:
    • Playing in a raked, house dealer dealt cash game.
  • It is the player's responsibility to ensure their visit is being recorded, by either 'swiping' their Total Rewards card or by giving their name before the commencement of play.
  • Points are awarded as such:
    • First raked hand 100 points
    • Play between 7pm and 9pm 200 points
    • Play between 9pm and 10pm 100 points
    • Play between 11pm and 1am 100 points
    • Play between 1am and 3am 100 points
    • Play between 3am and 5am 200 points
    • Play between 5am and 7am 200 points
  • Certain days of the week may carry bonus points. These will be advertised in the card room.
  • Invitations to the cash race tournament are non transferable.
  • The prize pool will be updated weekly. The current cash race total will be displayed at the Rendezvous Casino Brighton.
  • At the end of the calendar month, the qualifying 36 player names will be available upon request at the Rendezvous Casino Brighton. During the month a player may request their current ranking position.
  • The cash race tournament will be held on a specific date and time, usually the second Sunday of the month. This will be confirmed and displayed at the same time as the names of the qualifying players are announced. There will be at least seven days from the announcement of qualifying players until the cash race tournament.
  • Each qualifying player will start the comp with the number of points that they have accumulated.
  • The cash race tournament will follow the rules of any other tournament held at the Rendezvous Casino Brighton and will be Texas Hold'em only.
  • If, in management's opinion, a player is deemed to be exploiting the rules of the cash race promotion in an unsporting manner they will not receive their points and may be excluded from the cash race promotion all together.
  • The Rendezvous Casino Brighton will contribute 10% of the daily poker rake to the cash race prize pool.

Management reserve the right to alter or cancel any promotion at any time by displaying a notice to that effect.


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