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Meet the Chef


Ian, from Brighton, started his cooking career at the age of 16, and has stuck at it ever since. Upon his arrival in the summer of 2018, Ian and team brought a new menu to our casino, using fully fresh local produce. It’s led to a delicious, varied menu – all with plenty of flavour and character.


Signature dish?
Beef Wellington

Favourite restaurant?
Any local restaurant that’s family friendly.

What’s your go-to meal at home?
You can’t go wrong with a delicious sandwich.

Funniest thing to happen in the kitchen?
Accidentally throwing the soup away in the kitchen moments before it was meant to be served at a wedding!

Advice to a young chef?
Be reliable.

Chef's Tips

Cooking and seasoning the perfect steak:

  • Searing steak until its caramelised will give it lots of additional flavour – an extra hot pan is essential
  • Always rest the steak for at least 5 minutes before serving as this relaxes the meat and makes it tender
  • User your fingers to judge how the steak is cooked; when rare it will feel soft, well-done will feel firm

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