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Discovering the Best of Brighton: Things to Do

Thinking of spending the weekend in Brighton? Here are some of the must see attractions in the city...

Brighton, with its lively culture and stunning scenery, is a true coastal gem nestled on England's southern shore. If you're thinking about a visit, you're in for a treat! There's a plethora of exciting activities waiting for you. In this guide, we'll show you the best of Brighton's attractions. Whether you're in the mood for an exhilarating day or hoping to enjoy a memorable evening, Brighton has something special for every traveller.



Brighton Pier: Fun in Every Direction

Our journey begins at one of Brighton's most iconic landmarks, the Brighton Pier. Here, you can revel in arcade games, traditional fish and chips, and breathtaking ocean views. After enjoying the pier's amusements, consider making a night of it at the Rendezvous Casino, just a stone's throw away. Try your luck at our gaming tables or savour a delectable meal at our restaurant. The perfect way to end a day filled with excitement.


Volk's Electric Railway: A Unique Ride by the Sea

Embark on a journey through time as you step aboard Volk's Electric Railway, a remarkable piece of history right here in Brighton. This iconic railway, boasting 140 years of operation, stands as the oldest working electric railway in the world. No need to book in advance; just turn up and immerse yourself in the charm of a bygone era.

Your adventure begins as you ride along Brighton's picturesque seafront, where the salty sea breeze and stunning coastal views transport you to a different time. The railway takes you from Aquarium Station, conveniently located near Brighton Palace Pier.

As you continue your journey, you'll reach Halfway Station, nestled next to a delightful children's playground, a cosy cafe, and an exciting adventure golf course. It's also the perfect stop for those curious about the new Sea Lanes development, featuring an outdoor swimming pool for the adventurous.

Finally, the railway takes you to Black Rock Station, situated at the east end of Madeira Drive, just a five-minute stroll from Brighton Marina. Here, you'll have convenient access to the bustling marina, offering a myriad of dining and entertainment options.

Volk's Electric Railway offers an enchanting trip through Brighton's history and coastal beauty, making it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the city's attractions.


Brighton i360: Soar to New Heights

Ascend to the skies with Brighton i360, where you'll experience panoramic vistas of Brighton's cityscape and the breathtaking coastline. As you descend from your sky-high adventure, consider extending your day of exploration by exploring the lively West Street area, known for its vibrant nightlife and bustling atmosphere. Enjoy a delicious cocktail in one of the nearby bars, and then head to the Brighton Pier for some thrilling entertainment. It's the ideal way to turn a day of sightseeing into an unforgettable night out in Brighton.


Sea Life Brighton: Dive into the Deep

Sea Life Brighton offers a captivating journey into the world's oldest continually operating aquarium, a historic gem designed by Eugenius Birch, the architect of the West Pier, dating back to 1872. With more than 5,000 sea creatures to admire, from colourful clownfish to enchanting seahorses and captivating jellyfish, it's a must-visit for marine enthusiasts. Explore the beautifully restored Victorian Arcade within, and discover the unique connection to the sea, as the seawater tanks are fed directly from the nearby ocean. Get hands-on with interactive rockpools, stroke starfish, and more.


Royal Pavilion: A Regal Retreat

Step into history and immerse yourself in the architectural magnificence of the Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavilion. This Grade I listed former royal residence offers a captivating journey through time, rooted in the opulence of the past.

Built in 1787, this splendid structure served as a coastal getaway for George, Prince of Wales, later crowned King George IV in 1820. The Pavilion's design is a fusion of Indo-Saracenic architecture, echoing the grandeur of 19th-century India. Architect John Nash's work, beginning in 1815, added the distinctive domes and minarets that define its exterior.

While George IV made the Pavilion famous, it continued to host royalty, including William IV and Queen Victoria. Eventually, Queen Victoria chose Osborne House as her seaside retreat, leading to the Pavilion's sale to Brighton in 1850.

The Pavilion's history is entwined with the Prince of Wales, who first visited Brighton in 1783. Drawn to its vibrant social scene, he rented a farmhouse facing the Old Steine, where he enjoyed private moments with his companion, Maria Fitzherbert. Their secret marriage added intrigue to the Pavilion's tale.

After your historical journey, transition seamlessly to the modern luxury of the Rendezvous Casino, just moments away. Whether you're celebrating or seeking a night out, our casino offers contemporary entertainment and fine dining. From the Royal Pavilion's regal charm to the sophistication of the Rendezvous Casino, Brighton offers a captivating blend of past and present for an unforgettable experience. 

Toy and Model Museum: A Journey through Time

Discover the Brighton Toy and Model Museum, a global treasure showcasing the artistry of the Golden Age of British and European toymaking. Nestled beneath Brighton's main terminus station, this 4,000-square-foot museum houses more than 12,000 items, both from its core collection and guest contributions, offering a nostalgic journey through time. With dedicated volunteers at its core, the museum not only presents a visual extravaganza but also conducts vital restoration, research, and digitization work, providing a 9,000-page online resource for enthusiasts worldwide.


Cineworld Brighton: Lights, Camera, Casino!

After enjoying the cinematic wonders at Cineworld Brighton, there's more excitement awaiting you in the heart of the city. As previously mentioned, you have the option to extend your experience right here in Brighton.

Imagine this: you've just had a fantastic time at the movies, and now you're at a crossroads with enticing choices. One option is to indulge in a delectable meal at our elegant restaurant. The atmosphere is perfect for a memorable dining experience, setting the stage for a delightful evening.

But the night is still young, and Brighton comes alive after dark. For those seeking more entertainment, Rendezvous Casino beckons. Here, you can try your luck at various games and immerse yourself in the world of gaming and fun.

So, after your cinematic adventure, the fun continues right here in Brighton. Enjoy a culinary treat, try your hand at gaming, and let the night unfold with a blend of flavours and excitement. Brighton is more than just a city, it's an experience, and it all starts at Cineworld Brighton.



Absolutely, Brighton is a must-visit destination! Known for its vibrant vintage shops and eclectic atmosphere, it's a treasure trove for bargain hunters and vintage enthusiasts. Even if vintage shopping isn't your thing, exploring the city's unique charm is an adventure in itself.

To fully experience Brighton's Lanes, restaurants, and attractions, plan for 2-3 days. This allows time to soak up the beach atmosphere and indulge in the city's culinary delights.

Brighton is incredibly pedestrian-friendly. Most of the city is easily navigable on foot or via affordable public transport. Buses are a budget-friendly option, while taxis are available for convenience, though pricier than buses.

Brighton's popularity stems from its historic landmarks like the Royal Pavilion and iconic piers. Today, it's equally renowned for its welcoming, diverse community, vibrant culture, and commitment to sustainability.

Brighton's fame lies in its stunning seaside, towering observation tower, Palace Pier, open-minded atmosphere, and eco-conscious spirit. It's also known for Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. and the scenic South Downs.

Brighton Beach is a fantastic spot for swimming. It's easily accessible, and you can reach it by taking the Q subway to the Brighton stop on weekends.

The best time to visit Brighton is during the warm season, between May and September when the average temperature hovers around 20ºC. This period offers the most pleasant weather for exploring the city.

Brighton Palace Pier, stretching 1,722ft, is an iconic symbol of traditional seaside charm. It combines classic seaside attractions with a touch of modern excitement, making it a must-visit landmark.


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